Gimme your lessons!

Please tell me any lessons you’ve learned, or ones you’d like me to write about. I have a big list of ones to come, but more heads are always better than one (hmm, sounds like another lesson).


2 responses to “Gimme your lessons!

  1. Shana! You’re back! I’m so glad you’re enumerating the sci-fi lessons again! Here’s one –> The expert often has to have the obvious pointed out. Example: in the 1998 “Lost in Space”, Professor Robinson has to be reminded that he built a transwarp drive into the Jupiter II that they can use to go _through_ the sun. Oh yeah, that!

  2. shanaheinricy

    That’s a great example! I was thinking of something like that one, that the smartest people are often really dumb. I’ll work on that one. Thanks!

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