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Lesson # 16: If your task requires the use of multiple levers/buttons, the last one will jam.

I know I’ve found a lesson when I know exactly what will happen in a show before it actually happens. Years of sci-fi watching has programmed me to figure such things out.  While watching this week’s episode of Eureka (“In Too Deep”), that’s what happened. Lesson 16  applies especially when life or death is at stake. But hey, it’s sci-fi. When isn’t life or death at stake?

Cast photo from Eureka Season 3

In Eureka, Carter and Allison were about to drown in a submarine. It was filling with water. He needed to pull four levers in order to release their compartment from the rest of the sub and save their lives. I could tell how this was going to go.  In one breath, he swam down to the bottom and pulled two levers. That seemed easy. In another breath, he opened the third. However, the fourth lever was stuck. Allison swam down to help him (I have no idea why she wasn’t doing that already. They could have had all the levers down in half the time. Perhaps I need another lesson, “Even strong women are eventually feeble.”). They pulled the lever, illustrating that of course they work better as a team. I’m not trying to say that Eureka is predictable, as I’m so sad it’s leaving.  Ultimately, wouldn’t you have been disappointed if it went any other way and violated this lesson?