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Lesson 13: Love can save the universe.

Peter and Olivia from Fringe

Love usually does save the universe, as seen in two season finales this week: Fringe and Once Upon a Time. Love was unaccounted for by the Observers, and thus they didn’t see that Peter Bishop would be drawn back into existence when he was erased from time and space. Love had the power to change all of Olivia’s memories (and a little cortexiphan didn’t hurt).  The two of them specifically had to be together, due to Peter’s ability to see the other universe and Olivia’s ability to move between universes,  in order to save two universes. I don’t know how many universes total they’ve saved at this point, but it keeps expanding. The message, of course, is one from fairy tales. Love conquers all.

The cast of Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time made this message as explicit as it has ever been. However, it seems these fairy tale characters are not too bright. They were told again and again that love breaks any curse. Explicitly. In those words.  And in other words,  true love’s kiss breaks any curse. Yet, when the little boy was cursed and could potentially die, neither of his mothers thought to kiss him. Nor did his teacher and grandmother, Snow White. No, they needed to go fight a dragon to get a bottle of true love. Why? I’m not sure. Did they not think they loved their kid? In the end, his biological mother, Emma, kissed him. Not only the curse on Henry was lifted, but also the curse on the entire land. True love really is that powerful.